Saturday, April 9, 2011

Missin' You Feeling... getting radio play. ALRIGHT!!!!

Missin' You Feeling

I wanted to tell you about my new song, Missin' You Feeling

Missin' You Feeling is obviously about missing someone, and I tried to capture that feeling in this song. You can decide for yourself.  One of the things I like about it is the feel.  It kind of lilts along to an understated mid-tempo groove instead of a sappy romantic ballad.

I had fun writing it and remember driving in the car with dearest friend in all the world.
I asked her what kinds of words she could come up with to describe the moon.  We were thinking about all the ways the moon can make us feel, and one of her descriptions was, melancholy.   A "melancholy moon" was the term she used.  I thought it made for a perfect first line to the song, which goes like this... "There's a melancholy moon hangin' over the bayou in an empty sky..."

Thanks to radio promoter, TC Thompkins, the new single is getting radio play in Alexandria, LA on KISS FM 98.7. DJ, Jay Stevens, is playing it on hia Mellow Moods program every Sunday night from 9pm-12am. It is also being picked up on these stations as well,
Monitored airplay: WEIB/Springfield, MA KQXT/San Antonio, TX (Jazz show on A/C station)
Smooth Jazz airplay: WBZC/Burlington, NJ (Philadelphia) WCHG/Hot Springs, VA Smooth Jazz Australia/Sydney, AUS TM Studios/Music sampler used for retail in store airplay, armed forces radio, etc. KTSU/Houston, TX KPVU/Houston, TX KUNV/Las Vegas, NV, WJAB/Huntsville, AL WTCC/Springfield, MA WMWM/Salem, MA KCOZ/Springfield, MO

Thanks for your support friends, family and fans!!!


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