Monday, July 2, 2012

The preacher, the man, my friend...Grandpa

I thought I'd reminisce a little this morning.  

Sure miss grandpa who passed Sunday a week and a day ago.  What a special, unique guy!!!   Pancakes...he could make some pancakes now.  Super thin and just a little crispy on the outside.

And love...he had some love for everyone.  Hugs that were genuine and tight, so you really knew how much he meant it.   

I think he was probably the last of the true believers.  You know the dedicated kind of believer who doesn't need to entertain any other belief system. Sure,  that made him simple, but he was simple by choice...choosing to believe in a personal relationship with God as he understood him.  And it was that unique and very special relationship that shaped his character and life for 93 years. 

You could believe in God it seemed a little easier when you were around him, I think.  Not because of what he preached, but because of how full his own life seemed to be, and rich the surroundings of other people seemed to make him.   

After all, we love others because the love of God is in us.  If that is the measure of a man and  his spiritual condition, then grandpa was in great shape.   I never knew anyone who took so much joy from knowing and loving others.  

There are people who touch your life while they live.  And then there are those whose death creates the spirit of their life in you.  For me, that's evidence eternal.  

The greatness of his life is the impact he left on all of us.   What a man...what a friend...what a grandpa!!!

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